Gift Certificates
Give the gift of time!
Something Better gift certificates are always the right size and can be redeemed for cleaning or organizing services in our regular service area.
  • Purchase any denomination you'd like for cleaning, organizing, or BOTH. If you'd like, we can help you figure out what denomination works best for your gift.
  • We can send either you or the gift certificate a real, live, in-your-hand gift certificate.
  • Your gift certificate is valid for a whole year after it's purchased.

What kind of gift certificate should you buy and how?
Glad you asked! There are several types of gift certificates available:
  • You can purchase a specified number of hours for cleaning and/or organizing. We'll help you figure out how many hours are needed.
  • You can purchase a set dollar amount for cleaning and/or organizing.
  • You can purchase an open-ended gift certificate which specifies that a particular task will be done. For example, organizing a basement, cleaning the whole house, cleaning the first floor of a home (particularly popular to give to the family hosting a big holiday dinner!), or a host of other choices. We'll help you figure out what the task will cost and if you'd like to set a financial limit.
To purchase a gift certificate, call or email us and let us know that you'd like to give the gift of time. We'll ask you how you'd like the lucky recipient to be informed they're receiving this wonderful gift and how you'd like to pay for the gift certicate. Easy as can be!