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Going into people's homes to move and remove their personal belongings creates an intimate relationship. This relationship is built on trust .... our clients trust that we know what we're doing, that we respect them and their belongings, that we will help them reach the goals that have been set, and that we respect their privacy.

We have been organizing since 2004 and have experience in many, many different types of organizing jobs. Our jobs involve: The "secret" to success is having a strong strategy and professional, skilled organizers to execute that strategy. Strategic organizing involves knowing where to start in a home, where to start in each room, what to do with the items being kept and what to do with items being discarded, which paperwork needs to be retained and which can be thrown out, and a host of other decisions. Our strength is developing and executing strategies that work for YOU.
Some clients are ready, willing, and able to do their own organizing but don't know where or how to get started. Some clients need hands-on help at the beginning of the job and are able to finish on their own. These clients are good candidates for a consulting relationship with us. We can help you figure out which type of organizing will work best for you.

Margaret - our Lead Organizer

There are many ways to be one of our consulting clients but the most typical path is to have us come in and create an organizing strategy. Once we've all agreed on the strategy, the client begins to implement the strategy. At agreed upon intervals, we stop in and see how the job is progressing. If it's going well, we are our client's biggest cheerleader. If it's not going well, no one's in trouble! We figure out whether life interfered with the plan and it looks like things are getting back on track or if the plan needs revision. If at any point the client needs us to jump in for some hands-on help, we're there!
There are many reasons people down-size but one of the most common reasons we see is senior citizens moving from a home they have spent many years into a much smaller home. This is a challenging time for most people! Memories have to be picked through and some discarded. There isn't room for all the favorite pieces of furniture, artwork, kitchenware, and clothing.

We provide the compassionate help that is needed at this time. We help our seniors figure out what the best choices are for them regarding what to move, what to give away, and where to give it in order to make the process a little easier.

We listen, we honor, and we work hard to keep the process moving along as it needs to. WE LOVE SENIORS!
Working with children
WE LOVE WORKING WITH CHILDREN! It's exciting to teach good organizing habits to youngsters so they can benefit from an organized approach to home and school. SOME of the ways we can help your child get organized include: We find that typically children who are 9 years old and older benefit the most from working with us.
Working with special need situations
Some organizing situations call for an extra measure of compassion. We have a number of special needs clients who need a great deal of patience and understanding as we deliver the service required to help them. These are some of our favorite jobs! Here's what one of the care giver agencies we partner with had to say about us:

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