Tips & Techniques
Share those blessings
Trying to decide if you want to keep an item you haven't used in a while? Keep this in mind: If it's not blessing you, it could be blessing someone else. Get rid of what you are not using, especially books, clothing, furniture, appliances, etc. There's no need to keep it cluttering your house and it may be exactly what a neighbor, friend, family member, or someone browsing at a thrift shop wants!
Devote 15 minutes to each room
Devote 15 minutes to each room everyday Instead of feeling overwhelmed by all the cleaning that needs to be done in the home. Devote 15 minutes to each room. Set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes and do a quick clean of the room. When the timer goes off, reset it and go on to the next room.

Listen to books on tape to help you clean and pass the time
Having trouble finding time to read these days? You can rent great books on tape from the library to listen to while you're cleaning and doing chores. It helps to pass the time, keeps you working a little longer and lets you catch up on those mysteries you've been wanting to read.
Hard to Reach Areas - Dusting Tip
Can't get into tight spaces such as telephones, stereos, computer keyboards to dust? Try using a paintbrush to get into those areas. It's quick, easy and the fibers of the brush give you access to spaces you probably have not dusted in a long time.